Connection For Wellness

The reason we’re like dying to be in relationship and the reason that it’s so painful when, when breakups happen, friendship breakup happened is because CONNECTION is a core need for us as human beings.

You know how can actually be as painful to break up with someone or to have a friend breakup as it is to like break your arm. There, there are good reasons for that.

But there is so much about this whole thing about of wanting to be in relationship that we have backwards.

Today we going to unpack CONNECTION. 

And why it is in fact a basic human need.

The definition of connection is to join link or Fasten together, unite or bind to associate mentally or emotionally


Connection and belonging are basic human needs, right? And people who feel a sense of belonging report better happiness and better health outcomes all around. It’s like really super important stuff.

    • Connection is actually what holds our limbic system together
    • Humans, especially babies and children that don’t receive the connection they need literally fail to thrive and die.

“As the nervous system matures, a baby reclaims some of its regulatory processes and performs them autonomously.Even after a peak parenting experience, children never fully transitioned to a fully self tuning physiology. Adults remain social animals. They continue to require a strong source of stabilization outside themselves. That open loop design needs that in some important ways. People cannot be stable on their own, not should or shouldn’t be, but can’t be. This prospect is disconcerting to many, especially in a society that prizes individually as ours does, Total self sufficiency, turns out to be a daydream whose bubble is burst by the sharp edge of the limbic brain.

Stability means finding people who regulate you well and staying near them.”



    • Understanding how our brain actually works
    • The flight fight or freeze response – where it comes from and how it works
    • Your three brains
    • Why people will turn down the radio to park the car
    • How do we balance our need for connection and the desire to then stay in relationships or situations that give us the, or we feel like they give us connection, but they are in fact not healthy for us?
    • Most people have never done any work to understand w what their needs actually are and how to get the met right.

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