EP 03

Gender & Sexuality

This podcast is going to see us have a lot of the conversation about partnerships and this is so often centered around the interaction between men and women and mostly in relation straight people. Oh and monogamous people. That’s not what we are referring to specifically on this show – so today I want explode those boxes and discuss the wide variety of partnerships, relationship, sexuality, attraction and how that relates (and doesn’t relate) to gender identity.

EP 02

Unwinding Expectations

Expectations are a thing I was blown away by once I got to understanding what expectations are and how they totally have the possibility of hijacking my life. When we say “Oh, I expected you to do this” we say it as though it were true thing, when nearly a 100% of the time we have not told the other person what our expectations are. Yeah. And therein lies the trap.

EP 01

Connections are Vital for Wellness

We’re dying to be in relationship and l when difficult things or bad things happen or breakups happen, it can be so incredibly painful. It can actually be as painful to break up with someone or to have a friend breakup as it is to break your arm. Right? Well, there are good reasons for that and we are going to explore them in this episode.

EP 00

Meet Briana Cavanaugh

Welcome to this new project! This is the episode where I share with you WHO I AM and WHY I am doing this show. I share a bit about my journey to get here and why I’m so excited for you to come on this journey for Exxxxtraordinary exploration with me.